Marking eggs easily, quickly and safely

Refillable hand egg stamp.
Marking up to 1.500-1.800 pcs. eggs/hour. 

No need any maintenance. It is perfect for egg processing plants, as well, because it can reduce the production losses during the servicing of the inkjet marking machines.

No more damaged or broken eggs! The soft, flexible stamp plate adapts perfectly to any shape, so no need to take the eggs out of the package, which reduces the potential damage or breakage of the eggs but it also has a great advantage from a hygienic point of view.

Built-in ink cartridge for fast marking. The ink cartridge is builted into the housing so no need a separate dye pad, so You don't need to dip it into ink. It  saves money and time for you!
If it ran out of ink, you only need to purchase a refill ink and simple refill the stamp. The ink isn't smearing, it is food safe and it has an EU cerificate, as well.

Clear and sharp imprints thanks to the high resolution of the rubber (foam).

Odoo • Kép és szöveg
Odoo • Kép és szöveg
Odoo • Kép és szöveg